Tuesday, October 8, 2013

You got Pumpk'd! - A fun Family Halloween Activity!

Here is fun family Halloween event for the whole family.  

We don't like to do scary... it is just - well, too scary for us! We still like to participate in halloween, so, my sister came up with an alternative to "you got boo'ed"- You Got Pumpk'd!  We liked the idea of having pumpkins on everyone's door instead of ghosts.  My sister and her kids Pumpk'd some friends this weekend and being a good blogging sister she took pictures for me!  

Here is what you do:
Print off the free download (at the bottom of the post!)
Load up a pumpkin or bowl full of candy and fun things.
Dress like Ninja's - this is a stealth mission!
Grab your candy bowl and head over to some friend's house 

Sneak up to their door and ring the doorbell
Race away and hide in the bushes so they don't see you!
Stay quite! 

Wait until grab their bowl of Halloween goodies! 

Here is a free printable for you! 
Download HERE!

Totally fun right?!  What are some fun family things you do on Halloween?

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~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

This is just too fun!!! Love the idea and so cute too!! :) Happy day! xo Holly

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