Friday, June 28, 2013

My Sunshine Shoppes - Wholesale Craft Supplies!

Thank you to My Sunshine Shoppe for sponsoring this post!

When I get the inside scoop on crafting supplies as awesome prices I want to pass it on to you all!  My Sunshine Shoppes sells Wholesale Craft Supplies at AMAZINGLY low prices!  I mean seriously they are low!

But just because their prices are low, doesn't mean they have low quality items.... nope - this stuff is high quality!

They have all so sorts of crafting goodness for you to buy:

So many things to look at you wont know where to start... If you are having trouble finding a starting spot check out their DIY crafting kits!  You can make headbands, hair clips, beaded jewelry,  and much much more!  They have a whole blog with video tutorials of lots of fun stuff you can make too if your need more ideas!

It would be so fun to order a bunch of stuff for a girly craft party!

They are also a delight to work with!  I have got quick responses to my questions and my order was shipped right away!

They have so many fun ways to embellish!  Here is what I ordered from them:
I am excited to show you next week what I made with it all!

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Disclosure:  This post is written for Sunshine Shoppes is a sponsored post.  All opinions are 100% honest! 

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What a Lovely eye candies.. so beautiful :)

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