Sunday, June 23, 2013

Kids DIY Monster Puppets

Thank you to Michael's Craft Stores for sponsoring this post! 

It is summer and it is that time of year when we hear "I'm bored!" too often!  Here is a fun kids craft that create a puppet that will entertain them even after they make it! 

Here is what you will need:
Felt Sheets
 (I found that hot glue worked the best for the eyes and craft glue worked great for the rest)
Googley eyes
Other fun craft items (fuzzy balls, feathers, markers... what ever you got!)

To start off with I had my son draw a monster that he wanted the puppet look like.

1. Cut the puppet shape out of 2 pieces of felt.  Make sure that it is big enough for a hand to fit in.
2. Add your googly eyes.  I found that the craft glue did not stick to the plastic eyes so I used hot glue that worked.
3.  Add any other embellishments.
4. Sew around the outside of the puppet leaving the bottom open for a hand to fit in. 

My son had a blast making his.  He was very serious about where he placed things.

Here are all of our monster creations!  

The kids loved playing with them too! 

This kid's craft project is part of Michael's Craft Stores' Summer Adventure program!  It is all about unplugging and creating some fun summer memories!

Disclaimer: Michael's provided a gift card for the craft supplies... all my opinions are 100% mine! 

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Micupoftea said...

Brings back all my days as a Scout leader and mom of a young child- what fun! Next up...the puppet show?! :)

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