Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Guest Post from Serendipity and Spice

While I am getting used to having a newborn around some wonderful bloggers has stepped in to help out with some fabulous guest posts! Don't worry I will be popping in here and there to give updates and of course do the Show Off Your Stuff Party! We have a great line up for you all!

Up Next is Melissa from Serendipity and Spice.

Hi there! I'm Melissa from Serendipity and Spice- I'm soooo super excited to be a guest here on Fireflies and Jellybeans today while Fawnda is spending time with her sweet little one!  Congratulations Fawnda!!
So, who's got a bad case of Spring fever? I sure do!  I'm ready for warm weather, sunny days, flip flops, and beach vacations!  Unfortunately we don't live near the beach- BUT that doesn't mean you can't bring the beach to you...or the essence anyway.
Today I'm going to share with you a quick craft tutorial that turns an ordinary glass Coke bottle into extraordinary beachy theme vases!
Twine Covered Beachy Vases by @serendipitynsp

They turned out ADORABLE didn't they?

I used Mexican Coke that you can read more about here...it's good! Now, I must say, it took several tries to figure out what to do with these Coke bottles...you can check out my craft fail here so you know what NOT to do. Smile
Well, these are the bottles:
I used an 8oz and a 12oz bottle for this project. Then I bought some Sisal Rope from Hobby Lobby for about $3.  Using the glue gun I secured the end and started wrapping the rope around the bottle as tight as possible.
Now, I know you've seen other jute and twine wrapped projects but I changed this one up a bit.  Instead of using hot glue all around the bottle and burning my fingertips off I just secured the end with hot glue and used good old fashioned Elmer's White Glue to secure the twine to the body of the bottle.
I just painted the glue on as I wrapped the twine- once dry it will keep the sisal from slipping out of place. I used the hot glue just a few times during major curves to give added security.
Twine Covered Vases
Now, you'll notice that you can still see through to the bottle.  I just worked my way back down the bottle filling in the gaps.
Finally, I added some beads from an old broken necklace and this cute little glass star charm that's been sitting in my jewelry box FOREVER!  I LOVE using old jewelry on home d├ęcor items- it gives the jewelry a new sense of life- check out what I did with my grandmother's antique broach here.
Every time I look at these now I want to go to the beach!
Beach Vases
Thanks so much Fawnda for having me today! I loved getting the chance to hang out with you guys today!
I hope you’ll grab a cup of coffee, stop by, and visit me sometime! -Melissa

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