Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Guest post from My Repurposed Life

While I am getting used to having a newborn around some wonderful bloggers has stepped in to help out with some fabulous guest posts! Don't worry I will be popping in here and there to give updates and of course do the Show Off Your Stuff Party! We have a great line up for you all!

Up next is Gale from My Purposed Life

I am so happy to be sharing here today!  I have been reading Fireflies and Jellybeans for years. 
So, who is My Repurposed Life?  A middle aged woman named gail who is in the process of repurposing her life by showing others how to repurpose unwanted thrift store or curb finds.  I do it all on my own, no Mr. MRL to help me cut, saw and build.  I like to redesign items and make them new and useable again.  Many of my projects are too difficult for a beginner, so today I’ll show you an easy project anyone can conquer.
repurposed shutterThis magazine rack has been a very popular post for me.  I call it a shutter, but it’s actually half a a bi-folding door, with every other slat removed.  You can get shutters for about $5-10 at your local habitat for humanity Re-Store. 
What you will need:
  • Shutter or bi-folding door
  • Hammer
  • Paint (I recommend spray paint for any slatted project)
  • Sawtooth hanger
  • optional: wood putty or spackling if you would like to fill the holes left after removing the slats

claw hammer shutter
Use the claw of your hammer to snap out every other slat.  Place the claw on the slat you want to remove and give a quick twist.  It will break the slat allowing you to remove it.

shutter magazine rackAfter you have your slats removed, you can use the wood putty or spackling to fill in the holes where the slats were. (you may notice that this is the back side of my magazine rack-hanging it like this would make it difficult to hang magazines)

Paint your new magazine rack a fun color. As I noted above, there is a right and wrong way to hang your magazine rack—before you add your saw tooth hanger you will want to grab a couple of magazines to test the orientation of your magazine rack. 

repurposed shutter-magazine holderI like to have the wider portion on the top, with the magazines flowing behind each other.   After you give it a test run, you are ready to attach your saw tooth hanger.  Embellish any way you’d like.  You can do this to a tall shutter or bi-fold door and lean it against a wall instead of hanging it.  You could also display vintage towels or small blankets instead of magazines.
You can check out the complete details of this shutter magazine rack on my site. I make mine a little different now, but it takes more tools.  I wanted to show you that anyone can make this project.
If you love to make old new again, you can check out these great projects:
kid's red benchThis kid’s bench was made from a footboard and a headboard.  I made the table to match from scratch. This project is currently the most popular post on My Repurposed Life.

repurposed crib toybox bench
Here’s another great kid’s piece.  It’s a toy box bench made from a salvaged crib.

Repurposed Desk to ChestThis is my all-time favorite project.  Many of my projects find new homes, however I couldn’t let this one go.  I use it in my bedroom for extra storage.  I fondly refer to this tall lingerie chest as the “tower of terror”.   It was definitely a fun challenge.
I hope you visit My Repurposed Life soon, I’m sure you’ll find something to inspire you to repurpose and reuse some unwanted items. You can start by checking out my galleries on my sidebar.
Thanks so much Fawnda for letting me fill in for you today!  I wish you all the best with your new bundle of joy!  Such a blessing!

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