Friday, May 31, 2013

Embellished Lace and Felt Flowers (#12MonthsofMartha)

***This post is written as part of the 12 months of Martha program.  I get craft supplies from Martha Stewart Crafts for free to create fun crafts with.  All my projects and opinions are 100% mine.***

It is time for another 12 Months of Martha post! 

 This month we got jewelry supplies!  These are only available at Michael's Arts and Craft Stores.  
I am not a huge jewelry wear-er so I made some fun flowers with some special embellishments!  BUT- if I were a big jewelry person this stuff is AWESOME!  

To make these embellished Lace and Felt Flowers you need:
Martha Stewart Cabochons or pendants
Hot glue
Martha Stewart Czech Beads

To make the lace flowers:
1: fold your lace and half and gather it to make a  ruffle
2: Cut a circle out of felt
3: Hot Glue your lace around the circle 
4: Hot glue a cabochon to the center.
5. Glue some beads  around the outside

How to make Felt Flower # 1

1: Cut out 6 circles out of felt.  1 for the base and 5 for the petals
2: Fold in half and hot glue, fold in half again and hot glue
3: Hot glue your petals on to the base circle.
4. Hot glue the pendant to the center.

How to make Felt Flower #2

1: Cut out 1 base circle and 8-10 smaller circles for the petals
2: Put a little dot of hot glue on the bottom of the petal and pinch it together at the bottom.
3: Hot glue the petals around the base circle
4-5: Hot Glue on a pendant to the center. 

Now you can make a bunch!  
They make great embellishments for barrets, headbands, pins, purses, bags, etc!  So many possibilities   

Check out more fun projects on the 12 Month of Martha Pinterest board!

***Disclosure: I was supplied with the Martha Stewart craft supplies but my opinions are always honest!***


Christine said...

Love the flowers!!! They would look great on a tote!!

Katie said...

Great job on the flowers!!!

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