Friday, March 15, 2013

Be our Guest (post)

So- I am 36 weeks pregnant and it is just occurring to me now... The baby is come soon and I am going to need a little help with blogging for the month of April!   I know- I totally have pregnancy brain!  

I would love it so much if you could help me out and guest post on our blog.  There are some teeny-tiny rules (or guidelines) we have in place to keep things fair.

1. You must have a blog.  This is not a place for free sponsorships.  I want to showcase and promote creative blogs (crafting, sewing, DIY-ing, cooking, Hair/make-up, etc) not a shop/store/book...etc.

2. I must approve of the post before it goes lives.

3. Links should just go to your blog(s) and not other sponsor pages.  If you also run a shop along side of your blog that is fine but no affiliate or other sponsor links.

4. Your post must show how to do something- this is very open ended .... a craft, hairdos  recipes, etc.  It can be a post you have used perviously but please rewrite the intro.

 5. First come first served! :)

*** I don't really have a set number of guest post in mind so as long at it is a good fit - you in! : )

Interested?  Email me (Fawnda) at

Also- did you notice out new header?  I totally jumped on the chalkboard bandwagon!  It was time for a change! :)

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