Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Vacation Momentos

We went to Charleston, South Carolina to visit my sister for Thanksgiving.  {I know- and I am just blogging about it now!  I am pregnant and things get behind around here... better late then never!}  Here we are on one of the islands in the harbor in front of the Copper River Bridge.   

One of our favorite memories of the trip was going out on my Brother-in-law's boat on the ocean and seeing dolphins jump up out of the water right by the boat.  And we also stopped at one of the islands to find some shells, shark teeth and sea glass to take home as a tangle memory from our trip.  Our kids LOVED looking for treasures and would have filled 100 bags of shells if we would have let them... but we didn't we only filled one big gallon bag.

So when we got home I had all these shells that my kids were attached to.  I couldn't get rid of them so I decided to use some of my etched glass vinyl and a vase to save them as a memento of our trip.

I used my silhouette to cut out the letters SC and the year 2012 and used transfer paper to put them on the side of the vase.  Then I placed all our shells in the vase - easy-peasy!    
{side note - you don't need a cutting machine to use the vinyl you can just cut out letters using scissors or an exacto-knife too!}

The etched glass vinyl is very subtle so it is kinda hard to see in the picture... I tried to get it to show up more. 
The kids love seeing their treasures displayed and I like that it reminds of our trip!  

How do you save memories from your vacations?

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Unknown said...

I love it! I have a glass jar with "Rocky Mountain rocks" on a shelf in the living room. I love that eched glass vinyl though. Fun way to preserve the souvenirs without everything just scattering around the house or sitting in a drawer somewhere.

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