Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ice Cream!

There are few things better to a pregnant women then to have a box of ice cream delivered right to your door!   I mean- seriously - it doesn't get much better than that!  And since the baby needs calcium it is totally ok to eat a bunch of ice cream - right?!

So, when I was asked if I wanted to try to new flavor of ice cream from Graeter's  I gladly said yes!

Graeter's new flavor is Black Cherry Chocolate Chip:
This Ice cream is good... I mean really good.  The Black Cherry Chocolate Chip is creamy and has big chunks of dark chocolate and cherries!  Yumm-o!   My hubby and me both loved it... sorry kids-  we didn't save any for you! 

Greater's secret is they make all their ice cream 2 gallons as a time from original family recipes and it is all hand packed. 

Here is a word from Graeter's on their ice cream:
There is no marketing advantage like a product advantage. Our perfection of the traditional French Pot process is the true magic behind the making Graeter’s, the world’s finest ice cream. By creating just two gallons at a time, Graeter’s achieves an irresistible creaminess that’s completely unlike any other ice cream.
Our secret recipe of fresh cream and egg custard is gently swirled along the chilled sides of a slowly spinning French Pot Freezer. As the creamy blend thickens, a blade softly scrapes the sides of the pot, folding the ice cream into itself. Then we add the fresh ingredients to complete our unique flavors.
The gentle folding process prevents air from whipping into our ice cream and accounts for the extremely dense and creamy consistency. Where a typical pint of ice cream can weigh as little as 8 ounces, a Graeter’s pint weighs nearly a full pound! Graeter’s ice cream is so rich and creamy that we have to pack every pint by hand using a specially designed spoon. 

At Graeter’s we’re committed to bringing you the finest, creamiest, most deliciously indulgent ice cream in the world. It’s why we use only the highest quality ingredients in everything we make.
  • Fresh cream from farms that pledge not to use artificial growth hormones (rBST)
  • 100% cane sugar
  • No hydrogenated oils, therefore no trans fats
  • Peter’s Chocolate – the inventor of milk chocolate
  • Premium, hand-selected Oregon black raspberries and strawberries
  • 100% Arabic coffee beans
  • Madagascar vanilla beans
  • Genuine Oreo® cookie chunks and Heath® toffee
  • Made-from-scratch cookie dough
    Graeter’s is also famous for the massive chunks of gourmet chocolate found in our signature chip flavors. We create these unique chips by pouring our own specially prepared liquid chocolate into the French Pot just as the ice cream is finishing. The result is nothing short of spectacular, velvety smooth chunks of sweet chocolate in every bite. 

And you can order it delivered right to your door!  How sweet is that?!   Check out Graeter's Ice Cream! 

**Disclosure:  I was supplied with the ice cream from Graeter's, however all my opinions are 100% honest.***

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~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Mmmm...that sounds so good!! :) Have a great day! xx Holly

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