Friday, December 21, 2012

The Family Book Of Advent

This is late... I know.  I wanted to post this a lot sooner but life got busy and then I got sick, and then I got sick AGIAN...and well... now here it is!  

You have to get this book for your family next year! 
 It is awesome and such a great way to celebrate the advent! 
You should order it right now and when it comes pack it up with your advent calender so that it all ready for next year!  

Each day has a reading for the family PLUS a fun activity to help illustrate the point.  There are also optional crafts to do too... it is all planned out for you! 

Visit the Faith Family Style Website for a complete list of supplies to print out to make it super easy! 

Every day ends with a prayer and a Christmas Count down cheer!  It is the perfect way for your family to learn about the coming of Christ! 

Order the book Here, here, or here

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