Thursday, December 6, 2012

My guilty pleasure... PEOPLE Magazine

This week I had an OB appointment.  Now that I am a mom I find myself looking forward to doctor appointments because I get a little time in the waiting room to read a magazine.  Since I knew I had an appointment this week, I picked up the latest PEOPLE Magazine from my local Walgreens to bring with me!

PEOPLE Magazine is one of my guilty pleasures.  I love to get all the news on my favorite celebreties!  I never believe any celeb gossip unless it is in PEOPLE Magazine.  I love to see the pictures of the stars with their kids... makes me think they are real people.  Ya know, like I am kinda like Angelina and Brad because I have adopted children too! ;)  Ok- I know it is a stretch! : )

And since it is holiday time, a little stress reliever is needed.  Just a couple minutes with my PEOPLE can do wonders for me!  I mean who wouldn't feel better after reading an article about Brad Pitt?!

I also LOVE the crossword!  It is the only crossword puzzle that I can actually complete!

What kind of guilty pleasures get you through the holidays? 

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kszwahl said...

I have a confession. I love to sit and watch all of the sappy Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel during the holidays. I don't usually watch those but for some reason at Christmas time I want to watch them.

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