Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Martha Stewart Crafts Week: Art Journal Pages

I was sent a big box of crafting supplies from Martha Stewart!  It is a crafter's dream come true!   I had so much fun creating fun projects that I have deemed this week: Martha Stewart Craft Week!

Craft #3: Art Journal Pages

I followed the tutorial on Lil Blue Boo to turn a book into an art journal.
Ashley also has a Time lapse video to show how she creates pages in her art journal here.

Here are the supplies that I used for this page:
Martha Stewart Craft paint
Martha Stewart glitter paint
craft brushes
Martha Stewart stencil tape
Martha Stewart Butterfly silkscreens
Elmer's paint pens

To start out I taped off a lattice pattern with the stencil tape.
Then, I used craft paint and covered the page.
I then peeled off the stencil tape while the paint was still wet.  I was ok with the it being messy and having the page rip a little bit. 

To use the silkscreens I used the craft paint and the sponge dabbers.  
I placed the silkscreen where I wanted it on my page.  They are adhesive so the stay in place.
Then, dab up and down over the silkscreen.
Peel off and you are set.

I used the Paint pens to add the text and also the paths behind the butterflies. 
I also added glitter paint around the edges of the page. 

Here is a second page that I did:

I love working on the the art journal, because I love to paint but I don't want to do a big huge project all the time.  These book pages are the prefect size to get our my creativity in one afternoon nap session.

Micheal's has a 50% off coupon of one Martha Stewart Crafts item to help you get started on your crafting!

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***Disclaimer:  I was provided with the Martha Stewart Craft supplies for free.  However, my options and crafts are 100% mine***

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