Monday, August 6, 2012

Grandma and Grandpa Camp

We have been busy the past few weeks... which explains the scarce posting... we had VBS the first week (which I was in charge of Preschool crafts and snacks) and then we had some family in town.

Today I am going to share with you something that my parents did for all the grandkids... it is for you to show your parents to do for you kids! :)  

It is rare that all 7 cousins are together.  My sister lives in South Carolina and we live in MN.  So when they come in town we try to cram as many memories as we can.  My parents came up with Mima and Pepaw (Pronouced Mee-Ma and Pee-pa) Camp.  {Mima and Pepaw is what my kids call their grandma and grandpa}  It is a whole day of fun activities for the cousins to do all together.  
Mima and Pepa Camp 3
This years theme was Knights and Princesses.  With girls and boys ages 2 - 8 it was a great fit!   My mom and dad put a lot of work into it!  Here is a glance of what when on:

Mima and Pepaw dressed up like royalty to start off the day.  The whole yard also had decorations all around to set the mood.  They decreed that the kids were all in Knight and Princess training.   They also explained that they were all children of The King (God). 
Mima and Pepa Camp 2

Then they "built" thier castle by plugging in the bounce house!  
The castle themed bouncey house is a hit! Mima and Pepa Camp 4
After the bouncing was done we moved on to the treasure hunt.  There were clues around the yard that lead us to the treasure.  Mima and Pepaw explained that although treasure is very valuable, God's love is the most valuable gift we have. 
Mima and Pepa Camp 5
Then the girls and boys broke off to some more training by reading some stories about Knights and Princesses
Mima and Pepa Camp 6
Then came the time to get dressed like Knights and Princesses.  Even the Helpers {my sister and I got in on it! That is my beautiful sister!}  The girls got dolled up a beautiful princesses and the boys got outfitted as brave knights.  Each with their name on their costume. 
{My daughter did NOT want to wear her hat!}
Mima and Pepa Camp 7

Next we feasted like the Kings kids! 
Mima and Pepa Camp 8

After lunch came more training....
The girls learn how to ride a house both side saddle and astride. 
Mima and Pepa Camp 9

While the boys learned to joust.
Mima and Pepa Camp 10

Can you ever have to many castles?   One to decorate and one to take a brake in! 
Mima and Pepa Camp 11

There was more that I did not get pictures of.  They talked about putting on the Armor of God from Ephesians 6:10-18.  There were relay races and sprinkler running.  
Fun was had by all....

... and after it was all done they also just had fun swinging! 
Mima and Pepa Camp 1

It was so great spending time together and we will miss them now that they are home.  But it will be nice to get back to a somewhat normal schedule again!


Sandy said...

That is so awesome! Your parents are so great for putting all of that together, and I love the lessons they learned throughout the day also.

JoAnn SweetPepperRose said...

Such a great party theme! This Nana has got to find some energy from somewhere :)

Unknown said...

Such great ideas...we have been planning a cousins camp and I am totally going to use some of your ideas..thanks

Julia(sweet serendipity)

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