Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How To Make Your Own Buns

I have been making my own bread for quite some time, and have recently started making my own hot dog/brat/hamburger buns as well. And let me say, they are DELICIOUS. I don't know how I ever ate store-bought buns!

I use this bread recipe.  After shaping into a loaf, I sliced it into 10 pieces (kind of how you would slice cinnamon rolls). The first time I made them I made 8 buns, and they were a bit too big, even for large brats. But if you like large buns {I am cracking up right now}, then by all means make them bigger!

After slicing, roll each piece into something like a bread stick:

 Cover and let rise until they're nice and big:

Bake at 350 for 15 minutes {ovens vary}, slice and eat!
You can make hamburger buns the same way, only instead of bread stick shapes, you obviously make little round balls. For these I make 8 since I like big buns {sorry, couldn't resist}.
Use this great Black Bean Hamburgers recipe for a healthy way to fill the buns! 

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Honey I'm Home Blog said...

These buns look so fresh & delicious! And thanks for making me laugh out loud at the "they cannot lie" graphic. Ha ha ha . . .

Warmly, Michelle

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