Saturday, June 16, 2012

Updates and random things!

As you can see from our header, we are doing a little updating around here.   Jeannine and I were able to get together last weekend when she was visiting her family here in Minnesota!  It was so great to see each other because it has been a LONG time!   While  we were together we got to take some pictures together, some thing we have wanted to do for the blog for a while now!
So, we have updated our "About" page!  It now has lots of fun information about both us and fun facts about our friendship!  We would love it if you checked it out!

GroopDealz is at it again with their AWESOME deals!  These are my favorite this week!   

I love this quiet time marble maze idea at A girl and A Glue Gun... I think I may have to whip up 2 of them for my kiddos... we have a long car ride tomorrow!

We love Clif Kid Bars around here.  I call them Cookie bars and the kids think they are getting a treat when really they are getting a healthy snack full of really good nutritional stuff to help them grow and play!  They have a new flavor Cookies 'n Cream that is added to our favorites list!   The Cookies 'n Cream bar is full of:
  •    Calcium:  for healthy bones (amount equal to the amount found in a stick of mozzarella cheese)
  • Iron:  for production of red blood cells and oxygen transport (amount equal to 2 oz of beef or 2.5 cups spinach)
  • Zinc:  for immune system health, plus protein synthesis and cell division (amount equal to 2 cups of peas)
  • Vitamin D:  helps body absorb and metabolize calcium (amount equal to ½ the vitamin D of one large hardboiled egg)

CLIF Kid Zbar Crispy is a tasty, on-the-go organic snack with balanced portions of carbohydrates, protein, healthy fat and fiber to prevent energy highs and lows. It also includes nutritious whole oats and oat fiber to keep kids feeling full.
They also have a new online tool for parents! CLIF Kid’s Nutrition Label Conversion Tool ( helps parents take the confusion out of reading nutrition labels on kids’ food, which are historically portioned to meet adults’ needs, rather than kids. It works as a unique online calculator that converts nutrition information based on an average adult 2000-calorie diet into age-appropriate Daily Values based on recommended daily allowance for kids.
 How it works:
•         Grab a food package and identify the nutrition label on the back
•         On the Nutrition Label Conversion Tool page, select your child’s age
•         Under “Adult Nutrition Label”, pick a nutrient you want to convert for your child and enter in the grams from the nutrition label on the package
•         On the “Kid Nutrition Label” side, you will see the grams converted into the daily percentage this nutrient takes up in their diet for the day. Notice the difference in amount as compared to an adult’s.

I think that is enough random for now!  Have a great weekend! 


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