Monday, June 4, 2012

Off The Shoulder Ruffle Romper Tutorial!

Today we are starting a New Series!  Sew It Yourself: Kids Clothes!  All month we will showcase kids clothes tutorials!  

First up is my Off the Shoulder Ruffle Romper:
Stretch/Jersey Knit
Elastic Thread
Sewing machine with other Sewing tools (Thread, scissors, etc)
Serger (optional!)
Paper (for making a pattern)
Current tank top that fits (for making a pattern)
Current shorts that fit (for making a patter)

Making the pattern:
Let me preface this with- I have never made my own pattern from existing clothes before now.   I always thought that it was difficult and wouldn't really work for me... but it totally did!  AND It was way easier then I thought!  After I figured this out I made 3 other dresses for my daughter (Tutorials coming soon!) SO- I hope you try it too!

1.  Take a tank top that fits snugly right now to make this pattern.  Fold one shoulder down and trace on to a piece of paper.  (I was able to use a regular piece of paper for my 2T-3T size but if you need bigger you can either tape paper together or use freezer paper). 
2. Now, take a pair of shorts (I used the bottom of a romper I had already) and fold in half with the crouch folded out so you can trace around it.  Make the side on the pattern that has the fold.

3. Use your patterns to  cut out your pieces of fabric.  I trace my patterns right onto to fabric.  It makes it so much easier to cut out.  I use a sharpie because I finish all the edges and you don't see the marker anyway.  Make sure you cut your shorts on the FOLD!!  You need 2 shorts pieces and 2 shirt top pieces.

Making the Shorts part:
4. Open up both shorts pieces and place right sides together.  Pin and sew on the curves sides (See below)

5. Open up the shorts and place the seams in the middle to form the shorts shape.  Now, pin and sew the crouch in on continuous line.

6. Hem the shorts legs by folding under and sewing.  Place the shorts to the side for now.

Sewing the Shirt top Part:
7. Finish off the one armpit sleeve on each top piece.  I serged them and called them good because I was being lazy.  But you could hem them or using binding too.

8.  Now, we are going to add the ruffle.
A. Cut a strip that is at least 2 times as long as the "neck" of your shirt.  My strip was 2 inches wide.  Serge or hem one side.
B. Gather your strip.  I use this cheat technique from Made
C. Pin and sew your ruffle to the "neck" with the RIGHT side of the ruffle to the WRONG side of the shirt.
D. Flip the ruffle to the RIGHT side of the shirt.  Not the Right side of the ruffle should be facing up.  Top sew the ruffle in place.
 Repeat for the other shirt piece.

9.  Place your shirt pieces together with RIGHT sides together and pin and sew.  Make sure you don't sew your armpits closed! :)   Turn right side out. 

Putting it all together:
10.  Now- grab the shorts.  Pin together at the waist with RIGHT sides together.  

11. Change out your bobbin with elastic thread.  Hand wrap the elastic thread onto the bobbin.  Not too tight... not too loose.  Keep regular thread in your needle.  Now we are going to Shir the wiast (here is a great Shirring Tutorial!).  You want to start at your seam (not where the picture has the needle.) and do three lines on shirring up toward the neck.   

12. And just to make sure that we don't have any wardrobe malfunctions... lets add a strap for the other shoulder.  Cut out 2 strips about 1 inch wide and pull so that the roll up all nice (that is a quick way to make it look finished!) 
13.  Try the romper on to find the placement of the straps.  Pin and sew.

Put on your favorite little girl and go ROMP around! 

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laxsupermom said...

So cute! Both the romper and your daughter are simply adorable! Thanks for sharing.

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so cute

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