Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Label it! With Lifestyle Crafts

Lifestyle Crafts has It Kits... For those just getting into crafting, these kits are a great place to get started. They're especially great, because they come with the digital files which lets you cut It Kits shapes on your digital die cutting machine, as well as your manual die cutting machine.  20% off code at the bottom of post! 

Here are the It Kits that Lifestyle Crafts has:
Label It,
Tab It,
Corner It
Clip It,
Tag It,
Edge It

To help me get my life in order I got the Label It kit.  Here is what I did with it!

Reward Poster:

My son has a hard time staying in his bed at night. He likes to sleep with his mama, and that means I don't get much sleep.  To help him be BRAVE and stay in his own bed we made reward poster for him.  If he could stay in his bed all night 10 time, he would get the batman car he picked out at the store.  Yep- we totally use bribery in this house!

Here is what we did.
We took a piece of poster paper. markers, and one of my new Label dies and got to work.
I cut out 10 circle/star shapes (I thought they looked super hero-y) and traced around them on the poster for the letters.  we spelled out "Kyan is Brave" I had my son involved the whole time making the poster.  I really wanted him to own it.  {now, the arty mama in me wanted to take over and make it "cute" but I let him decorate it and he was so proud!) We printed off pictures of Batman from a Google image search and used those on the poster too.
We hung it on the door together and we talked about how Batman does not sleep with his mom.  We talked about what it meant to be brave.  We talked about the fact that God is always with us so we know we are safe.  We talked about it a lot... all day, during the bath before bed, after the story... it was a BIG deal.  Then each day he stayed in his bed all night he got to put a sticker on his poster.  I made it a ceremony of sorts to put the sticker on the poster.  There was lots of high five-ing and praise!
It was slow going at first.  I don't think he really got that he had to get all the letters to get the car... but after he got a few stickers and LOTS and LOTS of encouragement, he got it and starting earning stickers night after night.  We didn't make him start over if he got up at night, he just didn't earn his sticker that day.  It got to a point where he would pray "Lord- help me stay in bed so that I can get a sticker in the morning."  I am happy to report that he earned his Batman Car he was so happy and excited!  And I am happy because I am getting more sleep!

Labels for Totes:

I love the fact that you get the digital files too!  I was able to use the files in my silhouette to make these cute labels for all my kids craft/little toys.

I recycle my wipes container to hold all the little pieces/toys/craft things for my kids.  I love that they are the perfect size.  What I did not love is that I cannot see what is inside.
I loaded the digital files into my silhouette and cut out these labels on white board vinyl {From Expressions Vinyl}.  Now I know what is inside.  And it is easy to change it if need be!
Don't forget to use code: fireflies to get 20% off your total order at Lifestyle Crafts


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