Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I never get enough sleep!

 Truth: You don't know what you've go until it's gone!

Sleep- how I love thee,  how I miss thee, how I long for thee every night!

Before I had kids I never really thought about sleep or getting enough of it.  I always thought I didn't need that much sleep to survive on.  I was pretty proud of the fact that I could go to bed late and wake up for work the next day with little tiredness.  But, that was all before I had kids.  All before I knew what REAL sleep deprivation is like.  

We adopted our son from Korea.  He came home when he was 9 months old.  Korean time is 15 hours ahead of our time.  So when we came home with our son, his day was our night.  It took almost 2 months to get him on to our time zone.... 2 very long, very sleepless months.  You see, in Korea our son slept in bed with the foster mom... he was used to sleeping with his mama.  He still does not like to sleep alone.  He is 4 years old and he still wants to sleep in our room. There are some nights he can wake me up 3 times.  Just when we seemed to get our son's sleep issues in some-what of an order, we adopted our daughter and started all over again!

Here is a rare shot of my son sleeping... NEVER wake a sleeping baby- EVER! 

Some nights it seems the kids are working together.  One wakes up, I get them back to sleep and just when I am crawling back into my own bed, the other one wakes up. 

Our son is also an early riser.  He is all bright-eyed-and bushy-tailed at 5AM "Mom! It's morning time!  I am so excited!".... I am not.  Where is the snooze button on this kid... just a few more minutes PLEASE!   I usually have to tell him, "It's not morning yet, go back to bed"

The other thing that keeps me up at night is what I like to call "Mommy worry"  You know - all the stuff a mom can worry about... What if my kids get hurt, what if I am not doing a good enough job as a mom, what if my house is not clean enough, what I am too soft on my discipline, what if I am too hard, What if I don't get enough sleep?!  I can worry  for hours if I let myself.

I like to tell people that I have been through some sort military torture training.  My kids sleep patterns can brake the best of spies.  Sleep deprivation can do a number on you emotionally and physically.  I do need my sleep.  But I guess I have to wait...Please pass the coffee!

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Tell me friends, what keeps you up at night?

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Unknown said...

I JUST saw that at Kroger yesterday, i'm thinking about trying it. thanks for the coupon!

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