Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Craft Wars!

 There is a new show on TLC: CRAFT WARS! The premiere is on at 10/9c TONIGHT!

Here is a little about tonight's episode:
Three talented crafters face off in a series of challenges that will take them back to school; they must create a play house out of school supplies. At stake is a $10,000 grand prize. The competition is hosted by author and avid crafter, Tori Spelling.

 I got to preview  the show and it is fun to watch  the crafters in action!  The challenges are interesting and really test the crafters.  They have some fun judges:  Erica Domesek (author of the DIY book, PS I Made This), Stephen Brown (author and founder of the multi-million dollar gift wear company Glitterville Studios) and Jo Pearson (author and creative expert for Michaels). 
The judges are hard core... They don't let anything slip by them.  Erica is the most critical, in my opinion.  I expected her to be nicer since she is a blogger.  And it seems like her and Stephen might have a little rivalry going on too.  I think that this will be a fun series to watch for the summer!  

Here is a little teaser to get you hooked:

Once you watch come back and tell me what you think!


Mandy said...

OK. I just squealed out loud (and so did my husband). I don't have any cable or dish or anything. EGADS!!

Anonymous said...

My cousin told me about this show a few days ago, and at first, I wasn't going to watch, but I set my DVR to record it. I'm gonna watch. It could provide some good crafting inspiration, and I'm looking for new shows to watch this summer. I hope it's good!

Shannah @ Just Us Four said...

I DVR'd this last night (10pm is too late for me considering I get up at 4am each morning) and can't wait to watch it tonight.

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