Monday, May 14, 2012

Little Girl Knit Sewing projects for summer Round up

For Mother's day my hubby gave me a new sewing machine!  What a sweet sweet man!  It was a total surprise! 

 I casually mentioned that I was saving up for a new sewing machine one day.  He asked about what kind and why I wanted a new one.  He actually sounded a little annoyed that I wanted a new one.  So, I was SHOCKED when I opened this beauty!

Later I asked him why he got it for me when he was annoyed about it earlier.  He said that he liked me sewing clothes for the kids and wanted to support me with my creativity and blog stuff.  Yep- he is a keeper! 

I am most excited about the blue stitches!  
They are the stretch stitches, to use when sewing with jersey knits!  
I have been using my zig-zag stitch when I have sewn knits and it totally works, but this will give them a more professional look! 
Here are some of the cute projects in my queue to sew for my little girl this summer! 

Have you got any jersey knit patterns that I should try out?  Share them in the comments!

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