Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's day to all you lovely readers! 

This day can bring both joy and sadness to many people.   I am thinking of all those women who long to be mothers and have not been able to yet.  I am think of mother's who have lost a child.  I am thinking of the son or daughter who have lost their mom.  Please know that you are in my prayers.  I used to hate mother's day, because of all our infertility problems.  And I am still very sensitive about it!   
 Mother's day is a day to celebrate all women who care for someone.  You may not hold the official title of mom but it still counts! 

My Mom wrote this poem for mother's day and I think it is beautiful:

 Loving, serving, wanting what is best for our children.
Sometimes we are the shining light of a safe harbor, or the wisdom of correction.
Strong as the tree that holds the family together.
Fragile as a glass broken on the kitchen floor.
Super glue or silly putty.
We search for the balance of holding on tight or letting go gently.

Our hearts have been broken many times and yet we survive.
We have our critics ( our children, but often the worst is ourselves) Always learning, hopefully teaching- if even by our mistakes.
We willingly sacrifice to make our loved ones lives better.

Oh how we love to celebrate- things great and small!
The wonder of life is not lost on us.
 From the butterflies in your tummy (me- a mom?) to the warmth on your arms, studying their little face.
The parade of moments to cheer and applaud unending...
First steps,Did you tinkle? No training wheels! Before you know it- Graduations, Jobs, Weddings, Grandchildren!
Our calendars are full of Holidays and Birthdays.

What would we do without a sense of humor? Laugh or Cry? You make the call.
When we think seriously what else can go wrong or it can't get any worse...
Am I being punked??? Laughter is good for the soul.
If we share the craziness in our lives, it can change things from traumatic to hilarious. (Just don't wet your pants!)

We are the hub of the family wheel as we try keep all spokes connected Trying to keep a balance as we ride on the bumpy road of life We may be at different places in the journey, but we can support and appreciate each other, recognizing the effort it takes to pour out your life to better the life of others.
This is a task never to be taken on alone!
This job was created by a designer who made doing it all on your own impossible for a reason.
So you would have to realize you would need heaven's help.
God, all his angels and other people would be necessary to help you.

Thank you Lord, for my mom, for all the help you've given me, and all the wonderful moms in my life, may we be a blessing to each other.
Happy Mother's Day, I love you!

By Kim Velner

 We hope you have a blessed day remember your mom. 


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Unknown said...

what a beautiful poem! it gave me goosebumps. :) Happy Mother's Day to You and your mom!

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