Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Flip-Flops repurposed into summer home decor! {Tutorial}

So, I hate wearing flip-flops.  They hurt my toes and I cannot stand the feeling of them on my feet.  I know I am totally weird but there it is!  But- I do think that they are adorable.  I got a pair of flip-flops for my birthday, and I decided to repurpose them into a cute summer decor for my 3 season porch.  What could be cuter them to make them flip-flop photos?

Here is what you will need to make your own:
Flip-flops (the cheap ones!)
Mod Podge
Spray Adhesive
Photos printed on paper
scrap wood (I used a broken ruler)
Hot Glue (not pictured)
Optional: Paint markers (not pictured)

1. Start by cutting off the band.

2. Trace around your flip-flop on your photos (my photos are 5X7 printed my regular paper in black and white).  Cut out your pictures and attach them to the flip-flop using spray adhesive. Poke a hole through the paper where the top hole was on the sandal.
3. Brush Mod Podge over the pictures to seal them to the flip-flops.  I did 2 light coats. Let dry completely.

4. Cut out 4 pieces of lace about 6 inches long each.
Use a pencil to help  push the lace through the hole in the sandal.
Use hot glue to attach the lace to the backside.

5. Use hot glue to attach your piece of scrap wood to the back of your flip-flops to attach them together. 
6. Optional: Use Paint Marker to add some fun to the bottom of the sandal.

I hung mine up on the wall.
I think these turned out pretty cute and would make a great gift! 
 So tell me, do you love or hate to wear flip-flops?


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Crystal said...

I love this unique re-purpose for flip flops. What a great decor idea for summer. :-)


Unknown said...

Very cute! I hope it's cool if I pin this. What a great idea!

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