Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Coupon Codes 4 U!

I love saving money!  I bet you do too!  My husband is an account so that means he counts every penny and doesn't like me to spend any extra money.  He is happiest when we get great deals!  He even has my kids in on it.  We have banks for each of the kids and whenever we get change back at a store they ask to put it in the back!  A penny saved is a penny earned- right?!

I like to save money too but I also HATE to spend a lot of time cutting coupons, looking online at all the different coupons sites, running around town to 20 different stores,  trying to jump through all the hoops to save $1 at the end of all my hard work... I mean- my time is worth more then that! 

So when I found I was excited! They are the best spot online for coupons, deals and sales on the internet... it should be the first spot before you shop.  They have coupons for online sites AND for regular stores like Target or Aeropostale.  In these financially tough times it is great to know that there is a one stop site to help us save money! 
Their site is easy to use too!
On their home page you can look at the Top 50, The best sales, or exclusive codes.  Or you can enter the store you are going to shop at and see what coupons are available (See the green arrow).

So- Lets say that you are looking for savings on art materials at dick blick.  Just write Dick Blick in the search box and up come all the coupons and deals!

Looking to save money on your grocery/household care bills?  Using money saving codes are ideal

It is getting to be swimsuit time!  Maybe your thinking of using a weight watchers coupon!  They have those too!  
You can also sign up for their Keep Saving Newsletter- in which they have exclusive SUPER deals that are not displayed on their site!  You could be hooked up and in the know!  The sign up is quick and easy! is one place that is easy to find the coupons and deals at the stores I am already shopping at.  If I want I can also look at what the top deals are too.  It makes it so easy! 

What ever you are shopping for you should check out first!   

Tell me - Who is the money saver at your house?  How do you like to save money?

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