Saturday, May 26, 2012

ALWAYS last minute!

So- it was 9:30 the night before my son's last day of preschool and it hit me... I don't have teacher gifts!!  I had planned for weeks what I was going to do but always put it off because... well... because that is what I do: leave everything to the last minute! Good thing Walgreens is right down the street and open until 10PM! 
I picked up these cute water bottles and used my Silhouette to cut out the teachers names with outdoor vinyl (I get my vinyl HERE - super cheap!)  That is what I love about my Silhouette the most... making personalized gifts at the very last minute!  Now, I try to keep a stash of vinyl around just for projects like this.   People love to get personalized gifts!

 I cut out Thank You tags with my silhouette too.  In the morning had my son draw a picture of each of his teachers on the back.   I was in bed by 11 with a cute teacher gift all ready!  Phew- good thing I work good under pressure! : )


Carrie said...

Great last minute idea! I'm collecting Teacher Gift ideas and would love for you to add yours at Thank you!

srpprcrftr said...

Great save girl. Thank God for late night stores huh? Uh I have a bad habit of waiting til last minute also. Why do we do that to ourselves? Those water bottles are really nice, I have a couple myself. Did you buy yourself one while you were there? Don't feel bad, you're just human.

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