Monday, April 23, 2012

Update on our little girl...

My daughter had ear surgery today to put a tube in her right ear. It went very well!

 It is the first surgery that either of my kids has had and I didn't like it one bit!  But our little girl was a trooper and she did great!

I am pretty sure I cried more then she did! I got to go down with her to the OR and be with her as they put her to sleep.  I was so glad that they let me do this, it was a much easier transition for our daughter.  The hospital staff were wonderful. 

It was a short surgery... only like 15-20 minutes. So, we were home for lunch.  She was tired today but otherwise normal!

Here are some pictures of our time. 
She was so thirsty after she drank 4 cups of apple juice!  

Thanks for all your prayers!


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Glad it went well!!! XO, Aimee

Suzanne said...

She is so adorable. I'm glad it went well. Tubes can make a huge difference in the health of a little one. I'm sure you'll be glad she got them!

Jen said...

Aww. Glad she is doing well. I've had similar experiences with my kids with procedures- makes us Mommas sad!


Teddie Seeley said...

I'm glad that your beautiful little girl, did well.

It is always worse, for the mothers and grandmothers, when our babies have to go through a procedure. Glad to see you survived.

Rhiannon said...

awww kids are so resiliant. i think its harder on mommies. glad to hear everyone is well

Nancy said...

I am so glad everything went well!
Even little surgeries are scary, especially when it's your baby. My little girl had to have tubes put in both her ears at 12.5 months old and I was so worried. I knew it was a procedure that they do every day, but it was still worrisome. I hope this surgery helps with her ear issues.

mylittlegems said...

Oh- just checked your blog today and my 9m old baby is getting tubes in both ears in a few days :) We have had lots of major surgery w/ our kids so I'm trying to act like this is no biggie- but it always is when it is your baby. Glad she is well! Your blog is looking great!

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