Sunday, April 1, 2012

Totally Tulip-tastic! Using Tulips in your spring decor.

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I love tulips. They are my favorite flower! It might be because they are some of the first flowers to bloom in spring. After a long winter it is so nice to see that bit of color. I also love the simplicity of them.  I love to use cut tulips in my spring decor around my house.  Tulips make a great addition to a gift too.  Fresh flowers are such a nice touch.
Tulips are easy to find at your local flower store or at most grocery stores as well. They are also easy to take care of.  Just need to keep them in a vase of water and they can last up to a week.
Here is an easy way to display some tulips at you home:
Here is what you will need:
small milk bottle or bud vase
Hot glue/gun
Button Embellishments
1. Place a line of hot glue on your vase where you want your yarn to go.
2. Quickly, while the glue is still hot wrap yarn around the vase the length of the line of glue that you made.  Keep your yarn wrapped close together.
3.. Use hot glue to attach your button embellishments
4. Repeat for as many small vases as you like.

They make a great addition to a spring mantle or vignette
Here are some more fun ways to decorate with tulips:
Put a small vase filled with tulips inside a felt Easter bucket... I have seen some cute ones at Target's dollar spot!

Put a small vase of tulips in a spring decorated take-out boxes (available at most craft stores)
Use two vases, one small and one large.  Place the small vase inside the large vase and use some of your Easter decor as filling around.  Place the tulips in the smaller vase.  The possibilities are endless here!
How do you like to decorate with cut tulips?

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Karel said...

Tulips are my favorite flowers. It matches any theme. You can literally put it any where.

apartments in rolling meadows

Dixie n Dottie said...

I love, love, love tulips! Gorgeous! :)

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