Monday, April 30, 2012

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Link-up Party!

This post is sponsored by DASANI

DASANI is making a stand to take care of our planet!  They have created the PlantBottle®, a bottle that is made up of 30% plants and is completely recyclable. Check out this cool video about it: DASANI's PlantBottle® Saves Energy

DASANI believes in not only promoting the recycling of its bottles, but also promoting the many cool items the recycled bottles can become. That’s why they have partner with companies with similar mindsets, such as New Balance. They have created a shoe that is made up almost entirely of recycled bottles!  That is some pretty awesome re-purposing!

Check out this cool video about it: New Balance newSKY Shoes

"DASANI has partnered with a variety of organizations to promote the importance of recycling:

• Coca-Cola Recycling: Since 2007, Coca-Cola Recycling has worked with the Coca-Cola system and community partners to increase the collection of beverage packaging for use again in North America. They currently manage 30 dedicated recycling centers, a commercial brokerage network, an online recycling bin fulfillment site and the execution of hundreds of local recycling programs around the country.

• Recyclebank: Since 2006, Coca-Cola has partnered with Recyclebank, a meaningful rewards program that motivates people to recycle by rewarding them for their efforts. Recyclebank Points are earned based on the weight of the recyclables and are redeemable for valuable discounts, free products, gift cards and movie tickets, to name just a few.

Keep America Beautiful/Bin Grant Program: The Coca-Cola/Keep America Beautiful Bin Grant Program donates recycling bins to kick-start recycling programs for local organizations. Through your support, you’ve helped us grant bins to non-profits, government, civic organizations, schools and for profit corporations.

Here are some of my favorites that we have done: 

Let all join in with DASANI and show off our recycled, re-purposed, Reused projects!


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