Monday, April 16, 2012

Mermaid Tail for dress up

I made a mermaid tail for my niece for her birthday.  She is 5 and LOVES to play dress up.  I used LiEr's Tutorial.  I used different material but basically followed it otherwise.  It is super easy to make it your own!   I love the design since it can either be a mermaid tail when you need a tail or a skirt when you need your legs back!
I was shopping for t-shirt knit fabric at the outlet fabric store when I came across a bin of swimsuit fabric remnants.  I thought that swimsuit material would be the perfect material for a mermaid tail!  That way if my niece wanted to wear it swimming she could!
I brought it up to get it priced and asked how much. The lady said it was $8 a yard, and there was a yard of fabric.  I was fine with this price since I could probably get at least 2 tails out it ($4 a tail is not so bad)... but then she looked in her book and said "oh- swimsuit material is on sale.... it is only $2.99"  SCORE!!!  
I added a matching ruffle to a tank top to complete the look... I was going for a more modest mermaid look for my 5 year old niece!  But LiEr does have a cute tutorial for Sea Shell tops too!

I got one of my favorite 5 year old friends to model it for you! 
Pulled down to make the tail:

Pulled up to be a skirt when the mermaid is ready to come back to land:

SO Cute!


Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

Well that's just adorable! Love the "tail", which was always a problem in playing Little to make a tail. Your niece is lucky to have you!

Shannah @ Just Us Four said...

This is so cute! It is definitely much nicer than anything found at the store for the kids to dress up in right now!

LiEr said...

Cute! I love the floral fabric - I would absolutely buy it for a swimsuit, even ! And yes, I agree about the modesty thing. Seeing my girls wearing their bra tops now makes me glad they're only allowed to dress up as mermaids indoors! Thanks for the link Fawnda - it was so good to hear from you!

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