Friday, April 6, 2012

Last minute Easter Card {Tutorial!}

Did you know that our very first craft on F&J was an Easter Egg card?  Yep.... a little over 3 years ago this is the craft that launched me into the craft blog world.  It is super easy to make and I thought I would share it as a last minute Easter Idea for you!  So here is my very first post on F&J  re-posted just for you!

hole punch
Scoring tool (I use a ruler and a skewer)
Plain Card stock
Strip of decorative paper

1. On the card stock draw an egg shape:
2. Cut out the egg shape

3. Place your strip of decorative paper upside down, place the egg shape on top of it and trace around the outside of the egg shape
4. Cut out on the lines that you traced on the strip of decorative paper
5. Place the strip on to your egg being careful to line up the edges
6. Use your scoring tool to score a straight line for the fold. I use a ruler and the pointed side of the skewer to make my score. Be sure to leave enough room for you to punch 2 holes on the other side.
7. Punch two holes through both layers
8. Tie a ribbon through the two holes to attaching the top paper to the bottom paper. Write a creative greeting on the front. I am not creative so I wrote "Hoppy Easter!"

Here are some more last minute Easter crafts you can make:


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laxsupermom said...

Such a cute card! Thanks for sharing.

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