Sunday, April 15, 2012

How to Use Social Spark to make money on your blog

When I wrote about how I make money blogging, I mentioned that the way I make the most money with with Social Spark
I have been using Social Spark for about a year now and I am going to share some tips on how to work with it and get the most money out of it.  

Once of the main ways advertisers search for blog is through your tags.  Make sure that your list all the tags that are relevant for you blog.  If an Advertiser searches for blogs with the keywords: Family, Children, etc.. and you have that tag on your blog, you will be sent a lead. Once you express your interest to the Advertiser by clicking 'I'm Interested', the Advertiser can decide if they'd like to make you an offer.
 You can edit/add tags to your Social Spark Account by clicking the 'Your Properties' link at the right of your account and then on the 'edit property' button.

Google Analytics
First- you should have Google Analytics verified on Social Spark.  You are 13 times more likely to get an offer if your Google Analytics is attached to your Social Spark account.  You can do this when you are signing up for it.
If you don't have it attached to your Social Spark account you just go to the "account" tab, then to "your properties" .  From there you can edit your blog and give access to your Google Analytics from there.
One Google Analytics is verified your will get a suggested price per post.  My suggested price per post is really high... and I have never been paid that much.  But it is a starting place.  You can also set your preferred price.  I have mine set to be 1/4 of the suggested price (like I said, my suggested price is really high)  Advertiser see the suggest price and your price.  I want advertiser to know they are getting a deal when working with me.  You can also changed your preferred price when ever you want.  So, as your blog grows you can adjust your price.
Most of my offers come from my leads.  I did not figure this out for a couple months after I signed up for it and missed out on opportunities!  Don't let this happen to you!  Be sure to check your leads and click on the ones you are interested in.  Not all leads are going to fit your blog.  And even if you say you are interested in it, it may not turn into an offer.  But, more then half of mine do so it is worth looking at! 
Once you get your offer here is what you do:
If the offer seems right to you, click on "take oppertunity" 

You will be taken to an interface that looks a lot like my post editor in blogger.  This is where you write your post.  All the required elements will on the side bar along with the optional elements.  Write your post like you normally would.  Making sure to include all the required elements
To include a required element you just click and drag it to the spot in the post where you want it to go.  If it is a link it will create the link for you.  For pictures, it will create a place holder for you.     The elements will turn green when you have used them.   You want to make sure all the elements are green before you are finished with the post. 
  I will almost always include the optional elements in my post.  I want to keep the advertisers happy and want to work with me again.  Some companies have used me 4 times now! 

Once your post is written you can choose your disclosure paragraph and badge. Then click on the "submit content for review"  The advertisers will review your post and either approve it or ask for changes.  If they ask for changes it is not a big deal, just make the changes and resubmit.  Once it is approved I have my posts set to automatically post to my blog to keep it easy! 

Social Spark also has the option to place ads on your blog.  They look similar to the Google ads.  Some play per click and some per page impression.  To see if your blog qulifies just click on the "ads" tab and then on  "click here" to get more information! 
Deals are another kind of ad that goes on your side bar.  They are for a specific deal.  These pay per transaction that come from  your blog.  
I hope that you have found this info on Social Spark helpful an will give it a try! 
You blog. You Profit. Sign up for SocialSpark!

Let me know if you have any other questions and I will try and answer them the best I can.


Kaysi @ Keeping it Simple said...

Thanks for this post, I'm new to social spark and I need all the help I can get :)

Unknown said...

This was a great source if information , thank you. I just did my first product reveiw for Social Spark and I wish they would explain things as well as you have.
Thanks again.

Randi~Dukes and Duchesses said...

Thanks so much for this. I signed on with Social Spark a long time ago but haven't done anything. I just accepted my first offer and I'm currently writing the post - this tutorial was SO helpful!

Diane said...

I just started working with SocialSpark. Thanks so much for the information. It gave me the push I needed to get this going. Diane

Jenny said...

I've been signed up for Social Spark for a few months now & get quite a few leads, but almost all of them sound like you have to write a post about wanting to use a product, but you don't get any product to try. I've had one lead that said they would send product to review, but haven't heard back from them. Do others have this issue?

One More Time Events said...

I just signed up with Social spark today when I found your blog. This is really good information. Thank you.

Jen @ de Jong Dream House said...

I just learned about Social Spark and really appreciate this tutorial. Thank you! One question, how do you get paid. I see Spark points. How do they convert to cash? Thanks!

Jen @

Wendi said...

I bet Socialspark doesn't explain the system as well as you do. I will have to give it a try.

AllThingsTech said...

Thanks for the post learned a lot :)

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