Monday, March 12, 2012

DIY Kindle Book Cover

Hello F&J readers! Jeannine here. My hubby and I got each other Kindle's for Valentine's Day this year. We are both total book nerds and are constantly reading, so the e-book has been tempting the techy sides of us for years. This isn't a Kindle review, but I will simply say, I love it. I wanted a hard case to protect it, but didn't want to pay the store-price. So I made this, absolutely free from what I already had in my house. If you're crafty, you'll definitely have these things laying around. Even if you're not so crafty, there's a good chance you'll have all or most of the items you need. And if you're too busy wiping butts to have time for crafts {like me} this one doesn't take too much time. Because of the glue, I had to spread it out over a few days, which actually made it a little easier to get done. {I think this would work for other "tablet" type devices too.}

~hard cover book of your choice (I chose a classic, old-fashioned looking book)
~razor knife (a.k.a. box cutter)
~Mod Podge
~artist paint brush

I chose The Secret Garden for mine {a childhood FAVORITE} and Treasure Island for my hubby's. I like the idea of secrets and treasures hiding within the books.

Open your book to the page you want to start cutting on. I went to the table of contents page, leaving the first few pages in tact. {I don't know why, it just felt like a good place to open to. I'm weird like that}.

Center your device where you want it to sit in the book.
With your pencil, draw a line around your device.

"Paint" the book pages together with Mod Podge on all three sides. Give it some time to dry.
 **If I could re-do this, I would adhere some kind of elastic or leather tie inside the back cover that I could use to hold the book closed once it's all finished. I didn't think of it though, until after I glued this together. I think an elastic head band would be the perfect size. Though, it would be just as easy to wrap it around the whole book to hold it closed.**

With the razor knife, start cutting out pages following your pencil line. You want to follow the line exactly, or even go slightly outside the line, otherwise the device will be too snug. 
This step is the most tedious. You have to keep cutting and cutting until your hole is deep enough for your device to fit the way you want it to. Also, I recommend cutting a notch on the bottom a couple inches wide so the power button isn't getting bumped. {See the bottom picture for an example}.
Be sure to save those pages for one of the many awesome book-page-crafts out there!

**I cut mine slightly inside the lines, thinking I wanted my Kindle to fit snuggly, but it was too snug. And when I tried to widen the hole, it didn't work too well, which is why the cutting looks a little wonky at the bottom.**

Paint Mod Podge inside the "frame" to hold the pages together.
Optional: Cover the whole page with Mod Podge to protect the paper, inside and outside the frame.
Give it a day or so to dry.

Drop in your Kindle, and there you go!

Some things I love about this:
~It "feels" more like I'm reading a book; it's more natural in my hands. 
~I can easily rest it on my knees if I'm sitting in bed.
~It doesn't cramp my hands trying to hold on to that skinny little thing.
~It keeps my Kindle safe{er} in the tub - I don't feel like it's going to slip out of my hands and into the water.

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Fawnda@Fireflies and Jellybeans said...

This is so awesome... Now I need to get a Kindle so that I can make one too! :)

Kathy said...

Very cute idea!! I also like the "feel" of holding a book...

Laura said...

and if your house or car is broken into, chances are no one would think to steal *just* a book :)

Katie said...

This such a fun idea! I would love for you to share with my readers on Blog Stalking Thursday!

TwyKye said...

I love this idea, but are you worried about the modge podge possibly getting damp or wet at some point and getting on, or worse, IN your kindle? Maybe the inside hole should be lined with something to keep the kindle safe? A thick felt on inside cover and in the space cut would keep the glue out and probably even soften any accidental falls…I LOVE your idea I'm just UBER nervous with my Kindle! lol…

CassieJ1217 said...

Do you think this could be done with a book that has deckle edged pages? I love my Kindle, but the thing I miss most about reading actual books is when they would have the deckle edge and each page was so unique and individual. I'm just wondering if you think the mod podge would adequately seal a book with a deckle edge. Thanks! Can't wait to try this out either way!

mackor said...

I like the idea very much, but I'm not able to cut out any book. It feels wrong.

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