Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I Love you Photo Valentine gift {tutorial!!}

***This is a repost from last year of a SUPER easy and cute valentines gift!  Less then a week until Valentines day!!!*** 

Hey everybody, it's me, Jeannine, making my once-every-few-months appearance.  I have 5 kids, two of whom are very busy toddlers, so every now and then I have a spare 5 minutes in which to throw a craft together.  In fact, this particular craft probably takes more like an hour, because of the photo editing.  But this is a fun one to get your kids involved with.  Ok, here goes:

1. If you are not fluent in American Sign Language, you may have to do some research on how to make the letter signs.  Here is the website I used.  I just did a Google search for "ASL letters."  If you know the letters, then skip this step.  Or you can copy mine!

2.  Hang a piece of black poster board on the wall.  Make sure there is room for your child to stand in front of it, and for you to get a good picture.

3.  Have your child sign the letters I, L, Y (for I Love You); or if you want to do  "I {heart} U", then have your child sign the letters I and U, and then make a heart shape with both hands.  (See my example below.  Also, it's a bit easier to take a picture of the heart if they can lay their hands on a table instead of against the wall).  I also went ahead and did all the letters in the words "I Love You" and made a poster of the entire sentence.

4. Load the pictures onto the computer, crop so they're the same size (4x6 or 5x7 or however you plan to display them).  Make them black and white, and add a soft focus to soften the edges a bit.

5.  Then either print the photos at home on your printer, or if you want fancy professional printing, you can order them from whatever photo processor you normally use.

 6. Put pics in frame, and display for all to see!



Kathy said...

That's a super creative idea!! I love how it turned out!

Unknown said...

What a sweet idea!

Unknown said...

Love these sooo cute!

Chatty Chics said...

Fawnda! That's so awesome! Will you please come link up at my place?! I would love to feature this!

Karen said...

That's such a great idea! My kids would love this!!

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