Friday, February 24, 2012

Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Wings {Tutorial!}

We had a Buzz Lightyear Birthday party for our son's 4th birthday.  We made Space Ranger Wings for all of the kids for our Space Ranger Camp.

Paper for template
Cardboard (old large shipping boxes work great)
Duct Tape
Krylon Glowz Spay paint
Round Cord Elastic (found at most fabric stores)
Box Cutter
Optional: Markers and space stamps to embellish

Here is how you can make your own:
1. Make your template.  I taped 4 pieces of 8.5X11 pieces together and folded it in half and cut out this shape:

2. Open your template up and it should look like a dart shape. (my wings are 11" tall and 22" wide) Place it on your cardboard piece and trace around it.   Use your box cutter to cut out your wings.  Careful to always cut AWAY from yourself so you don't hurt yourself.

2.  Cut a piece of your Elastic about 36 inches long and make a big loop out of it by knotting the 2 ends together. 
Cut two slits in the middle of the ranger wings and put your elastic loop through it to make two arm holes.

3. Use your duct tape to finish off the edges of the wings, and place a piece of tape over the back side of the elastic to hold it in place.

4. Use Krylon Glowz spray paint to make it glow in the dark.  It goes on clear, so you cannot really see it in this picture.  But when your charge it up under the light it does glow in the dark. 
Since I was creating several pairs of wings I painted 3 stripes on the back of the wings and I also painted around the white tape on the perimeter of the wings.  You can see them glowing below:

Optional: Embellish the wings with markers and space stamps or whatever else you have at your house!

Put the wings on your space ranger and march around the house!


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House of Avandan said...

Oh my goodness that is so cute. You did an incredible job.

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