Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Buzz Lightyear Birthday Party: The Activities!

a couple weekends ago my son turned 4.  We throw him a Buzz Lightyear Themed party complete with Space Ranger Training and had such a fun time!  He LOVED it and I had a great time preparing for it.   Here is the run down of the activities that we did.

We had coloring sheets out (from online) as the kids arrived to give them something to do right away.  We also collected several Buzz Lightyear toys (mostly from thrift stores) set out to play with as well.

Space Ranger Wings
I made Space Ranger Wings (tutorial found here!) for each kid.  Once everyone had arrived we decorated our Space Ranger Wings with markers and space stamps (found HERE).  We wrote their names on the back so that they could bring them home.

Space Ranger Training:
Once all the wings were ready we had the kids put them on and attend Space Ranger Camp.  
A. Learning Space Ranger Stretches.
B. Standing at attention.
C. I ordered Finger laser lights for each kid.  Here they are pointing them at me.
D. Practicing using their lasers
E. "To infinity and beyond!" Point finger up to the sky- Space Ranger skill #1
F. "Attack Zurg!"  Attach chop- Space ranger skill # 2
G. "To Protect the Galaxy"  Said while jogging in place- Space ranger skill #3
H. Showing off their Space Ranger moves.
I. Marching in line.
I have to tell you that the kids LOVED this.  They were all really into it and I wish I had taken video of it.  My Friend Rebecca ran the Ranger Training session and she did AWESOME! 
Now it was time for some Space Ranger refueling.  Here is what we had for snack:
Fruit: Grapes and Pineapple in the shape of space satellites (I use tooth picks).
Rice Crispy treat cut out in the shape of stars.
Muddy Buddy Mix: Which I called Moon Rocks. 

Zurg Attack!
Once the kid were getting finished with their snack We had Zurg come and crash the party.  My hubby gets the dad of the year award for dressing up like Zurg.  He came in and let all the kids chase and attack him.  It was perfect time for them to use all their space ranger skills they had just learned!

Mission to Space:
Once the kids had attacked Zurg.  We had a little Graduation ceremony.  I didn't get a picture of this but I just had the kids stand with their hands up and repeat after me:
"I, Space Ranger, do swear to protect the Galaxy, Attack Zurg and Live with honor."
Then they were ready for their first Mission to Space.  
We had the basement decorated for space.  We got lots of glow sticks and other glow stuff from the dollar store and used black lights.   We used glow necklaces (straight) around the perimeter of the rooms to help kids see where they were going and not run into any walls. They loved using thier finger lasers in the dark too.
A. Space Ranger Exploring space.  We brought our tunnel down there too. 
B. We set up a ring toss in our shower.  Tonic Water glows under black lights.
C. We brought our small tramp down to show that the gravity is different in space and you can jump higher. 
D. We used our work out room as the Space Command Center.  We used poster board to create a control panel and taped it to the wall.  We converted the work out bench into a small space ship with more buttons on poster board (this is what you see in the picture)  We also used our stationary bike and let the kids spin the petals as cranks for the ship.
I also got Glow and the Dark bubbles.  No pictures of this either.  They work with the black lights.  This was a BIG hit! 

Cake and Candles:
 Next, we sang Happy Birthday and had cupcakes... 
...and then opened gifts. 
We had a little time left so we let the kids place in "Space" again until the parents arrived.   The party was 2 hours longs and we keep things moving since 3, 4, & 5 year-olds have short attention spans.  While we were down in Space, my son yelled "This is the best day ever!"  Which totally made it all worth it!

Coming up next:
Space Ranger Wings Tutorial
Buzz Lightyear Party decor, invited, and thank you cards


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laxsupermom said...

Sounds like a ton of fun! Great pics! Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Lol! I love the wings and the Zurg Attack, the kids must have had a blast!

Shannah @ Just Us Four said...

This is so cute! I really love the wings for the kids.

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