Friday, January 6, 2012

Goals for F&J in 2012

I have been thinking and formulating plans for F&J for a while now.  I even asked you to take a survey to help in these plans  (You still can take the Survey HERE!).  Here are some of the results of the survey... because I LOVE numbers!
Types of projects:
{People could choose more then one option}

83% of you like Home Decor projects best
68% of you like Sewing projects best
41% of you like paper crafts
41% of you like party ideas

How  you feel about different articles on F&J:

100% love/like DIY Tutorials
73% love/like Guest posts
53% love/like Giveaways... 8% found giveaways annoying
67% love/like Craft item reviews
59% love/like Iron Crafter... 12% have never heard of it.
92% love/like Show Off Your Stuff Party
75% love/like Craft Challenges/ Themed Linky parties
77% love/like Personal blog posts

My thoughts on the survey:
Overall I am so happy that you like/love F&J!  Thanks so much for you awesome feedback!  I now know to work on more home decor and sewing projects...but will also keep paper crafts and party ideas around too!

I have mostly kept our craft blog free of most of my personal stuff.  I figured most of you come to see my DIY tutorials and are not interested in me and all my problems... but I was wrong  (77% of you love/like that kind of stuff!).  I will try to have more personal content here on the blog... probably on the weekends.  I feel like God is laying some things on my heart to share so I will start with those! :)

Here is what I am keeping:
DIY tutorials... lots of them!
Show Off Your Stuff Party
Craft Challenges/ Themed linky parties
Giveaways - I know that some of you find them annoying but they are a fun way to introduce a new company to you so I am going to keep them... if you don't like them you can skip those posts! 

Here is what I am adding:
Personal blog posts

Here is what I am considering dropping:
Iron Crafter... it is a lot of work and I am not sure if a little over half of you love/liking it is  enough... I have not fully decided on this one yet and may try to think of an edited version of it. 

Some other goals for F&J:
I want to get back to painting and drawing again.  I love to draw/paint and did it a lot before I had kids.   I want to get back into that skill and I will probably showcase some of my work here... if it fits to have a tutorial I will absolutely include that!

I also want to create more printables for you here on the blog.  If it is a pattern or design or art I want to offer more ways for you to make a craft! I think I only made 2 this year so I think I can improve upon that! :)

Use F&J for the greater good.  God has really been hitting me hard with this.  With the small success I have seen with this blog comes opportunity to help others.  I don't want this blog to be about me, me. me... I want to make a difference.   Some ideas are still getting worked out... but I will share them with you as soon as I get them sorted out!

I'd love to hear your thoughts!  



Unknown said...

sounds like a great plan. I will be checking in with your blog.
Let the joy come out and play today !

- KAT -

darlkay52 said...

Love your blog! Sounds like lots of great ideas coming. Looking forward to following.

U said...

This is an AWESOME idea!!! I am a NEWBIE so good info!!
I am your newest CHAOTIC follower!!
Hope you will come check out my CHAOS!!!

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