Monday, January 16, 2012

Beauty Resolutions: No more Pony-Tail! Easy fun Hairdos! {#CleverBeauty, #spon}

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This year I am going to get out of my mom-ponytail rut I am in and start doing so fun hair-dos!  My beauty resolution is to pay more attention to my hair! This is going to mean a little more effort on my part, but I figured if I had a couple go-to hairdos it would be easier. 

Of course I went to the web for inspiration and here are 3 easy hairdo that look great!  All three hairdos use products that you may already have or could get at a drug store like Walgreens!  They are also great hair dos for the day after you wash your hair!

I wanted a verity of hairdos... some up and some down.  I picked tutorials that are easy to follow and work on several different hair types.

The first one is the Elegant Half up.  This one just uses bobby pins.
Here is my version! It still looks great with longer and wavy hair!

The second one is the One Sided Braid.  All you need is an elastic band.  I love braids right now!  
Here is my version:
I like that it is simple, but yet the braid add a little bit of interest.

The third one is for Classy Pigtails.  All you need are elastic bands and boobypins.  Oh, how I love the pigtail trend!  
Here is my version.
I used a headband and I braided my hair instead of leaving it as pigtails... see above! :)
I have more fun hairdos on my Pinterest fashion board, feel free to check out (and follow me too if you want!).

So, do you have an BEAUTY resolutions this year?   Do you have any favorite Hairdos that you want to share?  I love to hear your comments!  Talk to me!


Unknown said...

i love the knotted pony/pig tails. i've done them and they're really comfortable!

Chatty Chics said...

Love the pigtails! I just wish I hadn't just cut off my hair! I love the down look with the twistovers! Adorable!

Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

These all look great.

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