Thursday, December 8, 2011

Natural Eye Make-up tips and Tricks

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I wanted a nice natural look for my everyday make-up.  I used this picture as inspiration to create a nice natural eye-make up.  I like to wear make-up to looks like I am not wearing make-up.  I am by no means a make-up expert... but I tired! : ) 

Here is my naked-eye... no make-up
First I applied my liquid eye liner BEFORE I put on my eye shadow.  I want the eye-liner to be subtle.
To apply the eyeshadow, I used this picture as a guide to help me know where to put what color.

I used my blusher as eye-shadow  and applied the colors in the order of the above picture.
{by using my blusher colors I know that it will blend nicely with the rest of my face.  It gives my whole face a nice natural warm glow.  Plus it cuts down on the # of make-up items I have too!}

And I love thick eyelashes so I used Maybelline's One-by-One Volume Express Mascara.
This mascara is wonderful at giving me BIG and THICK lashes! I love it!
Here is the end result... I know that it is not as dramatic as the top photo... but it only took me a couple of minutes and very little make-up to get this nice everyday look!

Here are some more daring eye make-up looks that I would love to show off at a fancy holiday party! 

What kind of make-up tips and tricks do you have for us?

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Melissa said...

What a great look! And it looks like it doesn't take too long to achieve either :)

Unknown said...

One of the best makeup tips I ever received was how eyebrow shaping could drastically change your look. Even just cleaning the brow up in small places to enhance your natural eye shape can take years off your face or simply make you look more "awake". There's a fine line though, in looking polished & perpetually surprised... ;)

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