Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Magnet Picture Frame (Tutorial)

I am so excited to show you the gift I made for the grandparents this year!
 {Check out more homemade gift ideas HERE!}

It is a Magnet Picture Frame!
To make this I used:
A Cupboard door
Aluminum Mesh
Sheet Metel
Digital Word Art from Creation Held Captive

Here is how I made it:
I primed the outside of the cupboard door.  Since I was going to remove the inside panel, I did not waste the time or the paint on it.
I painted it and sanded and used stain to distress it.
My Hubby helped remove the panel.  He used a utility knife and a chisel to remove it.  He cut the aluminum mesh to fit the panel and fit it into the grooves.  We got the mesh from Home Depot.
We were hoping that the magnets would work on the mesh... but they did not... so plan B came into play.  I had small sheets of sheet metal and we attached them to the mesh.  
First we drilled holes in each corner.
And then we used rivets to attach them to the mesh.  I love the industrial look it gives!  Rivets are really easy to use.  You place the rivet in the hole and use the rivet gun to clamp the pieces together.  You can find rivets and a rivet gun at any hardware store.
Jeannine creates really cool word art... and I totally wanted to use it for this gift.  She is now offering digital prints!  Click HERE for more info!   I got the letters for "GRANDKIDS"
I used Mod Podge to attach my letters to the top of the frame.
I added some magnets and pictures to complete the gift! 


Chatty Chics said...

This is so sweet! Love it! Thank you for sharing!
PS If you have time, can you show it off at my party today?

Unknown said...

very cool, Fawnda. you need to start selling your work!

Unknown said...

Yet another cool idea. I bet they will love it

Laura S Reading said...

I was at our habitat store over the weekend. It is a great place to find doors at a cheap price.
I bet they may even have some metal mesh, too.
Thanks for the idea.

johnnywhistel said...
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