Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gift Wrap Ideas with Matha!

Martha Stewart Crafts sent me some more supplies to play around with. I was thrilled! I mean, who doesn't want to be on Martha's list right?! So I came up with some fun easy ways to spruce up my gift wrap!  All these Martha Stewart Craft supplies are available at Walmart, Joann's, and Micheal's

This first one doesn't actually use any Martha's Product but I wanted to include it because it is so easy and cute! 

All you need is some garland, a gift bag and hot glue.  Simple hot glue the garland around the top edge of the bag and you have a sassy little gift bag!  I got all my supplies from the Dollar Store! 

For my next gift bag I used scrapbook paper, deep edger punch and spray adhesive.
I used my punch to cut out branches {there is a template to help keep it straight and lined up}
Sprayed the punched edge with the adhesive and added it the bag. 
I cut off the extra pieces.

Now, on to some gift tags!
I used  Cupcake wrappers, card stock, hole punch, Glitter markers, and buttons.
I flattened out the cupcake wrapper.
I folded it into 8th.
I used the creases from the fold to help form a gathered flower shape.
I hot glued a circle (from my circle punch) and added the button for embellishment.
I used Martha's Glitter Markers to write the "To" and "From"

Super Easy... Use Pre-made Treat boxes!  
They are great for homemade treats or small gifts!

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