Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Different Kind of Kitchen Calendar {Tutorial}!

I love Spoonflower! It is so cool to be able to design your own fabric! I also love calendars.... combine the two and you have a winner of a project!

A Calendar Kitchen Towel

Spoonflower has a bunch of really fun tea towel calendar designs to choose from.  You pick one out, order a fat Quarter of material {I got the linen-cotton canvas} and you can make a cute calendar kitchen towel!  Here is the design I picked out for my Mother-in-law
Here are some other cute ones that I liked:

I ordered my fabric and waited for it to arrive.  Once it a arrived I cut off the selvage edges.  then I serged and hem-ed it... if you don't have a serger you can always double fold the edges to get the finished hem. 

I added Velcro to the sides so that I could hang it from my oven door.
I just hung it on the oven door to measure and sewed on the velcro. 

It looks adorable hanging up!

I also ordered a personalize fabric to make a hand towel to add to the calendar to complete the gift. {you can use Picnik to create your own patterns or you can upload a picture from your computer}
This was one of the Christmas gifts for my mother-in-law... but, I also think it would make a GREAT wedding gift! 

Here is another project I did using Spoonflower!
Baby Play Mat:

***I am in no way affiliated with Spoonflower.  I simply love the company and love to use them to make unique and fun gifts!***


Karen said...

Those are a great idea! Love the baby play mat. So cute!

marissa | Rae Gun Ramblings said...

that calendar is absolutely gorgeous what a cleaver idea! I'd love you to add it to my link party over at http://raegunwear.blogspot.com/

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