Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Simple Mom Tips: Bibs, Binto, & Buckets!

Here are some very simple mom tips that I have for you... each one is not worth it's own post... but I thought I would put a couple together to get it blog-worth. : ) None of these are earth shattering but I find them very helpful and thought someone else might too.
Tip #1
Getting a bib to stay on a toddler.
My daughter is a drool-er...all day long.  She is not teething and we are working on it but in the meantime we keep a bib on her during the day.  I found a simple trick to get the bib to stay put.

I just sew a ribbon (about a foot long) to each side of the bib, then I can tie it around her torso and wa-la it stays on!   I try to sew the ribbon on where there is a seam already to hide the thread.  People ask me all the time where I bought my bibs with the ribbon-tie and I tell them I make them!... Hmmmm does this mean I should sell them? 
Tip # 2
Bento Lunches on the cheap!
I love the idea of a bento lunch box, everything is in own container all separate and pretty... but I am SUPER cheap... like- so cheap I don't even want to pay for one... so I use the take-out boxes you get from restaurants.  This one came from a taco-joint down the road.
I washed it out and used little container I already had and made my own little binto box.
You can even put a cover on it and take it for a lunch on the road!

Tip # 3
Dollar Store Bucket Gifts
Do you have a birthday party that your son or daughter is invited to. 
Here is a quick and easy (cheap) gift that will be a hit... Bucket-of-Stuff-gift!
I found every thing at the Dollar Tree (including the t-shirt and the bucket)  It was for a little boy who love Dinos... easy theme to create a bucket-of-stuff-gift for.  
I appliqued a dino on a t-shirt to make it personalized.  I also added Vinyl lettering to the bucket.
The total cost of this gift was $6!  

Got any good simple mom tips for us? 

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