Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Get Accessorized with JewelMint!

What is JewelMint
Fashion icon Kate Bosworth and Hollywood’s stylist of the year, Cher Coulter have teamed up to bring you the ultimate in affordable luxury with their member-only jewelry club.

Top Styles chosen for you based on your fashion personality profile and style.
Become a member and indulge in the luxury of having your own stylist with JewelMint.
 Click HERE to see a video of how it works.
I am a member of JewelMint.  The first thing you do when you become a member is take a quiz to find out your fashion style.  Once you are done with the quiz JewelMint will show you accessorys that fit your style.  Each month your get new Jewelry to choose from.  JewelMint brings you the latest jewelry trends by your favorite trendsetters for just $29.99 a piece! Indulge your passion for designer jewelry without breaking your budget.
Here are the first three pieces that I order once I became a member:

They come packaged in these nice boxes ready to gift or to keep!
These three pieces are going to be gifts for some of my favorite people! ...Or maybe I should keep one for myself....
You can checkout Jewelmint with no obligation to buy any of the jewelry.  It is really fun to take the quiz and see your style profile! 

But once you are a member, check out this AWESOME discount: 

Use promo code is FFJB50 for 50% off your first item for first time Jewelmint customers.
It is valid until 11/30


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