Saturday, November 19, 2011

Christmas Shoppes Saturday Show case: Jewelry for Five!

I know that you are all going to love this next site! It has SUPER cute, SUPER fashionable jewelry and hair accessories for just $5!
Jewelry for Five is just what it sounds like... Jewelry for $5... EVERYTHING is just $5. 
Michelle {who you probably know from Someday Crafts} runs this awesome site.  Michelle makes it possible for us all to look FABULOUS and stay within our budgets!  
I know what you are thinking... must be really cheaply made and looks cheap too.
NOPE!  Michelle sent me some to see for my self and I was impressed!  This stuff is for real CUTE!

I got to try out the 5th Ave Brown Headband and the 5th Ave Brown Hair Clip/pin.
Both are well made and look great!  Not cheap!  The Hair clips also come with a pin so they can be used in so many ways!
 {You know you need some adorable head bands to rock the mom ponytail!}

I also got to try the Malibu Tan headband and the Long Brown Ribbon Necklace
Again this stuff is beautiful!  And the necklace comes with matching earrings!

There are TONS of jewelry and hair accessories to chooce from and you will find you self looking the Jewelry for Five for hours!  Feel free to buy a bunch of stuff... it is just $5!  Think Christmas gifts... no one would ever guess these were just $5!  

Michelle also invites you to join her team as a consultant and sell the Jewelry yourself.  This has been such a great thing for her to help bring in some cash for her family.  Check out her story and also find out how you can join her team!

***Disclaimer: I was supplied products from Jewelry for Five for free, however all my opinions are 100% honest!***

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