Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Live Laugh and Love Wall Art for the DIY Club

I needed to update wall art in my kitchen.  
This sweet vinyl from Design Divas was the perfect solution!

Here is how I made them

Wooden Plaques (or Scrap wood)
Craft paint
Decorative wood accents from Rockler

Use your Gorilla Wood Glue to glue on your decorative wooden accent to your wooden plaque.  I used a clamp to help keep it in place while the glue was drying.

One the glue has dried, paint over the whole plaque with a darker paint color.  I mixed this blue to match to color of my cupboards in my kitchen.  I put on 2 coats of paint and let them dry.

Paint over the darker color with white Spray Paint from Krylon

Use sand paper to distress the plaques.  The blue paint from underneath will show up.  This adds depth to your wooden plaque.

I wanted a little more blue showing on my plaques (it was still too white for me) so I made up a stain to go on top of the white.   I mixed about 75% water with 25% paint to make my stain.  I brushed it on and wiped it off with a wet rag.   It gives it a light light blue wash look... it looks Beach-y to me.

Now you can add your Design Divas Vinyl!  It is easy with these 4 steps
1.Tape your Vinyl where you would like it placed.
2. Peel off the backing so that it is all on the transfer paper.
3. Place it onto the plaque and use a card to smooth on the vinyl from the transfer paper to the plaque
4. Peel off the transfer paper slowly.

Here are all three of them finished!  I love the new look!

Stop by Fireflies and Jellybeans for more fun ideas!


Anonymous said...

I'm really impressed with your handiwork!! Superb and very refreshing use of those panels. I love the words too

Felecia Cofield said...

Love your plaques! So clever!

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