Saturday, August 27, 2011

MN State Fair Insta-gram style!

Me and the Hubs celebrated our 13th Wedding anniversary this week.  We went to the great-Minnesota-get-together, the Minnesota State Fair!

Everyone comes out for the fair so people watching is AWESOME!

Free Crafts for Kids!  AWESOME!

We are so happy to be out kid-less! :)

We watched an extreme Trampoline Show...
the guy is parallel with the ground here...
...and wearing snow skies here

We also watch a IronJack (lumberjack) competition
they are sawing a log here. 

We saw a parade

Oh, the food at the fair!  It is something I look forward to all year!  None of it is healthy... but it taste SO GOOD!

Sweet Martha's Cookies...Heaven in your mouth!  
We get the 4 dozen bucket and it still in not enough!

Potato boats... fried potatoes, cheese, and bacon...YUM!

Veggies Fries on a stick... 
this is the "health food" of the day!  Veggies dipped in batter and fried... the best way to get your daily veggies!

Cheese Curds... need I say more?!

I saw these lamps while walking around... it is made up of plastic pieces... I am thinking of trying to recreate it with cut-up milk cartons... what do you think?  Any ideas?

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Unknown said...

So FUN!! I am a Minnesota gal but am not going to make it to the fair this year. I did make it to our county fair tho!

Unknown said...

Fun! I love the fried veggies and cheese. :)

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