Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Little Girls Room Art #2

Here is my second project for my little girls room Art!
My Daughter's Name means "Sunshine and Happiness", So this is the perfect wall art for her room
It is so easy to make... here is how:

Here is what you will need:
Styrofoam Square Disc (12 X 12)
DecoArt Magikote
DecoArt Paint
Foam Stickers
Krylon Spraypaint
Cutting Edge Stencile
DiscHanger (not pictured)

1. Cover your Styrofoam with Magikote.  I did 2 thin layers, and used a foam brush to spread it all around. Let dry completely.

2. Apply your stickers.  I added lines to help me stay straight.  You don't have to worry about using all the same color, we are going to paint over it.

3. Apply another thin layer of Magikote over your stickers.  Let dry.  I wanted them to have a similar texture as the rest of the piece.  It also helps your paint to stick to the foam stickers.

4. Spray paint the whole thing.  I did 4 thin layers of paint. Let dry completely.

5. Use your stencil to add detail.  Make sure you use a dabbing (up and down) motion.

6. I dry brushed some purple to add detail to the letters.  You can leave them white if you want a more subtle look.  I wanted the words to be readable from across the room.

7.  I added the same dry brush effect around the edges to make it look a little distressed.

8. Use a DiscHanger to help you hang it up.  (You will want to paint more Magikote where you are going to put the DiscHanger to make it stick better)

Hang on your wall!

Come back tomorrow of #3!


1 comment :

Unknown said...

I pinned this earlier when I first saw it - it's so cute! I never would have guessed it was styrofoam!!! Wow. (Also, way cute leaf above the crib. Is that IKEA? I think my sister has the same one for her little girl.)

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