Monday, August 22, 2011

Little Girls Room Art #1

I am going to be starting a little mini-series on Little Girls Art for the next few days!  I have created a couple things for my Sweet Girl's room and I going to show you how I made them!  

First up is this Sweet Paper Mache' wall Art!
I love how this wall art turned our for my sweet girl's room!  The theme is butterflies.  I love the mix of the old time book pages and the graphic modern flowers...

Here is what you will need to make your own!
An old book {that you are ok with tearing the pages out of}
Decoart Paint
DecoArt Decoupage
Styrofoam square discs
Cutting Edge Stencil

1. Tear the Pages out of your book.

2. Mix 25% water with 75% decoupage to make your "glue" for the paper mache'.

3. Paint the glue onto the top and edges of the Styrofoam... I also painted just the edges of  the backside as well to help the paper stick.

4. Dip the Pages into the glue.

5. Pull your paper out the glue and wipe off any extra glue back into the bowl.  Lay out your book pages in a random fashion...
...being careful to wrap the edges and the corners really good.

6. Let your paper mache' dry completely (at least over night).
make a paint glaze with 75% water and 25% paint.  Paint on the glaze with the paint brush and wipe off with a damp paper towel.  If you don't want to see the words on the pages you can just paint over it with paint.   Let your paint dry completely.

7. Line up your squares.  Tape your stencil to the squares and use a dabbing (up and down) motion to paint the stencil on. 

8. Hang on your wall

Stop by tomorrow to see #2! 

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