Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Craft Camp Day 3 Crafts: Dragon Handprint Art and PopCorn Box Lanterns

Craft 1 is Hand Print Dragon

Our Dragon Hand Print Art was inspired by Activity Village But we did change it up a little.

First I prepped the body parts.  I downloaded the Hand Print Dragon template from Activity Village and used my Silhouette to cut out the shapes.  You can use scissors but the Silhouette makes it go MUCH faster!  I also pre-glued the eyes onto the face.  I put all the body parts and a glue stick together in a baggie for each kid.

We painted the first hand red and placed it at the front of the dragon body.

2. Paint the other hand yellow and place at the back of the dragon body.

3. Rub the hands together to make orange.   
{We found it was good to add more red and yellow paint to each hand.}
Place each hand in-between the red and yellow hand prints you already placed to make the middle parts of the body.

4. Use Elmer's Glue sticks to attach the body parts to the dragon.
We let the kids use their creativity to place the parts on their dragons. 
Show me your dragon face!

Snack: MYO Dragon:
We cut up some cheese, meat sticks, cukes, and peppers and had the kids use the pieces to make a dragon.
Here are some of their creations:

Craft 2 Pop Corn Box Lantern:
{I created this craft!}

Here is what you will need:
Pop-Corn Box template*** cut out.  
Elmer's Spray Adhesive
Tissue paper cut in to little pieces
Double sided tape
***For the pop-corn box I used my shape from my Silhouette and added the circles on each side. But here is a template you can download and use a hole puncher to create the holes if you do not have a silhouette.

I prepped the boxed but sticking the 4 sides together  and got the double side tape in place.  I sprayed the whole inside of the shape with spray adhesive.
We let the kids place this tissues over the holes, covering the whole side of  the box.

We then assembled  the boxes for each kid (this was quick since I had them prepped)
We used the flame-less LED candles to put inside the box to light up the lantern.  You DO NOT want to use a REAL candle... can we say fire hazard?!!
We left it as a lantern to sit on a table but you could easily add some string to hang it up too.
I hope you enjoyed our Craft Camp Crafts!

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