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Christmas in July with It's Toile Good

Welcome to Christmas in July {now in August}! A fun Series to get us all inspired for my favorite holiday!
It is never too early to start planning for Christmas!  
Today we have Allison from It's Toile Good

Howdy Fireflies & Jellybean readers!  My name is Allison and I work on a blog called It's Toile Good.  ITG is where I reconnect to the women I was before I became a wife and mother - a place I make time for the self that enjoys being creative!  I craft, create, sew, hot glue, re-purpose, learn, try, fail, and laugh through the blog in an effort keep my identity as a creative person alive and sane well.  I am thrilled to be sharing a project here today for the Christmas In July series!  I'm tickled pink for this opportunity since F&J was one of the first craft blogs I began reading! (kinda giggling as I'm typing this)  Also, because I am an A+ procrastinator, I couldn't be happier to have inspiration to get my Christmas crafting underway well BEFORE the holiday!
When I think of creating hand made items for Christmas, I think of gifts for kids.  I love crafting for kids for a couple reasons  One being, that they usually LOVE receiving gifts that are hand made just for them, and also because they are not, in the least bit, critical of the quality!  (ha!)  These Gripper Gloves are a great stocking stuffer because they combine practicality with fun and can be personalized for anyone on your list!

These are super easy to make and require only a couple materials and good helping of creative juice!  First, grab yourself a pair of plain mittens or gloves (good luck finding them in Texas right now - I used pairs from our personal stash).

And pick up some of this "dimensional fabric paint" in your fave colors.  I used this slick paint by Tulip.  This paint is the key to the "gripper" part of the project.

Then take a big gulp of creativity and get to painting!  I love to give personalized gifts and this project is perfect for that.  My son is into super heroes lately, so I used his initial inside, (what I call) a "POW" star burst (think comic books) for the palm of the mitten and then a random pattern for the fingers.

My my older daughter, I kept it simple with white glitter paint, polka dots and her initial.

Just got silly with my pair!

These gripper gloves are just the thing kids need while playing outside when it's cold!  

They help little hands hang onto mugs of hot chocolate, handle bars on bikes, monkey bars, swings, and would probably even help make killer snow balls - although we'll never know since we live in Texas.  Turns out they also work great to hold on to frozen yogurts in the summer too!! 

(no shirt and mittens is THE fashion statement around here!)

So for a few bucks you can make all the little kiddos in your life a personalized, practical but fun gift this year!

Thanks again to Fawnda for this opportunity and for putting together such smart (and motivating) series!  No more Christmas craft procrastinating for me now!!  Here are a few fun projects that I have actually finished...
Because who doesn't like a good knock off project? Am I right?

An upcycled project that helps use up those flower vases you know you have sitting in a cabinet somewhere and add some ambiance to your back porch!

An easy sewing project that allows the little diva in your life to change their onesie look in a snap!

I'd be pleased as punch if y'all stopped over for a visit so we can get to know each other!  
Or if you're a Twitter-er, a Facebooker or a Pinner, hit me up over there!

Thank you, a million times, to the clever and creative Fawnda for allowing to me to pop in, say and and share a bit of the It's Toile Goodness with y'all!

All the best,

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