Thursday, August 11, 2011

Christmas in July with My Pretties

Welcome to Christmas in July {now in August}! A fun Series to get us all inspired for my favorite holiday!
It is never too early to start planning for Christmas!  
Today we have Kristy from My Pretties
Hey y’all new friends! I’m Kristy, and I’m fist-pumping over here to be able to guest posting on FF&J today. I’m just a gal from the miserably hot beautiful state of Alabama. I’ve been 29 for a few years now, and I’m mother to a bream-fishing, baseball-playing 7 year-old son. I am also the wife to a very understanding loving husband who finds himself a permanent resident in my whirlwind of creation.
My craft room is kind of like the local Wal-Mart craft department(without all of the people beating their kids in their pajamas and sweatpants). A few of my crafting hobbies are scrapbooking, jewelry-making, painting, sewing, furniture-building and refinishing and all things home décor. Like I said, just a few. My sewing machine is just a few feet from my miter saw, and my watercolors share a drawer with my spray paint-- and nothing has immunity from spray paint. I hope you will come visit me over on my blog at My Pretties where I journal all my projects.
I better stop talking about myself before Fawnda decides to recall her invitation to guest blog today.
Christmas in July. Whew, it is so hard to make my brain think Christmas when it is eleventy billion degrees outside. When I sat down to think about what I would like to create and share with you today, I decided that I was going to make something that I have needed since Jesus was a baby. See, our home does not have a fireplace and that poses two problems for us. First, how in the heck do you convince the kiddo that the jolly fat guy comes in our front door and everyone else’s chimney and second, where do you hang your stockings? Well, we resolved to leave a key out especially for Santa but the stockings still didn’t have a place. Problem solved. Today I’m going to show you how to make an inexpensive, super functional and really cute stocking hanger.
I started with an old cabinet door. I have a ton of them in my attic that I’ve used for projects like this and shared on my blog. Don’t ask why I have a ton of cabinet doors in my attic. I don’t know.

I gave the door a good hand sanding and a coat of stain only on the frame.

I used Minwax in Dark Walnut for mine.

Once it was dry, I found 2 pieces of 12x12 scrapbook paper (actually 4 since I miscut the first 2—ooops!) and did the best I could to line up the horizontal and vertical repeat and cut them to size.

I used my partner in crime Mod Podge to stick it down.

and gave it a once over top coat for good measure.

After that was dry, I found some chipboard letters in my scrapbooking stash to personalize it a bit.

I painted them a rich brown with just some acrylic paint.

Just call me Kristy “Eye-Baller” Pruet! I superglued them down and they aren’t exactly centered, but who cares? Please tell me you don’t care!

Now it’s time for the star of the show, the knobs. I tried these 3M Command hooks but they didn’t want to stick to the Mod Podged surface. Poo on you 3M!

Thankfully, the hubs quickly obliged a trip to the Depot where we picked up 4 brushed nickel cabinet knobs. They came in at about $9.00 so for a total cost for this project, it wasn’t so bad.

I actually used a tape measure and marked these out. Yay me! I simply used a drill bit to get my pilot hole and then screwed in the knobs. Easy peasy lemon squeasy!

My cabinet door actually has a lip on it so I didn't have to add any hanging hardware, but you could easily add a wire to the back to hang it. I'm sure I will before our stockings are weighted down with all our Christmas goodies.

After a very sweaty little adventure in the attic, I found our stockings and it is ready to hang.

I love the rich wood with the whimsy of the paper.

And the nickel knobs, perfect! I'm glad the el cheapo 3M hooks didn't work!

As I went to add this little gem to my Christmas décor, I realized that it didn’t have to be used only for Christmas. In the off season, it’s going in the kitchen to hold things like coats, backpacks and my purse. Yay for double duty!

So, if you too have the no fireplace/mantle blues, what do you do with your stockings? If you don’t have a solution you love, try my project. Or, if you need a catchall in your entryway or mudroom, you should try it too!

Thanks for reading the how-to on my project today. I hope you have enjoyed it. I have another Christmas in July project posted over at My Pretties so stop by, check it out and say hi! And a big ole thanks to Fawnda for inviting me to share in her Christmas in July series!


Anonymous said...

I love this!! WOW! Im so trying this ASAP! Thank you for sharing!


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Blissful & Domestic said...

stinkin adorable. We also have a lot of old cabinet doors. What an awesome project!

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